Funded Grants

2016/2017 School Year

In addition to supporting literacy, music and technology, CEF funded 17 grants this year. Here are a few:

  • Reading Comprehension Centers (Grammar School)
  • Online Science Library (Grammar School)
  • Fairy Garden & Mosaic Sculpture (Middle School)
  • Materials for Environmental Science Garden (Middle School)
  • Materials for Silk Screening Projects (High School)
  • HS Robotics Club Leads Robotics Day for 4-8th Graders
  • Battle of the Books (Middle School)
  • Northern California College Tour (High School)
  • Career Day (High School)
  • Team Building at Tough Two Obstacle Course (Middle School)

Cambria Education Foundation (CEF), a non-profit organization, is proud to provide a unique opportunity for the Coast Union School District. Staff seeking funds to introduce new programs, enhance existing programs, or attend professional development workshops are encouraged to apply for a grant. Teacher grants for the coming school year are awarded at an end of the year Celebration of Education.

We believe healthy schools are vital to a healthy community......